without conceding to capitalism


You brilliant, wild, weird soul.

You have big dreams for yourself.

You have radical visions for the world.  

You’re actively divesting from the norms that are oppressive to you.

You want ways of working that don’t replicate the structural inequities you push against.

You know that a better world is possible, and in tiny ways and huge ones, you’re working towards making it a reality every day.


I’m a coach for people like you who are seeking individual and collective liberation with smarts and heart.

I work with yogis, activists, artists, entrepreneurs and other weirdos to find divergent paths to unconventional success.

I use a feminist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist lens to help you situate your personal actualization within a systemic context that accounts for the intersections of privilege and oppression.

Speaking of intersections, I'm a white, queer, genderqueer, able-bodied, working class woman from the Southern US. 


Together our work is in two parts: the practical and the magical.

The practical: what you want to do and how you’re going to do it. This is "hard skills" kind of work, ie setting priorities, managing your time, making progress, and maintaining habits.   

The magical: how to get out of your own way. This stuff is of the deep digging, soul-work variety, ie looking at self-sabotage and your inner dialogue.

How Does it work?

10 one-hour coaching calls

Weekly homework assignments

Four months of email support


We begin with four weekly sessions to get some momentum, then switch to every-other-week for the remaining sessions to have time to implement changes and troubleshoot the obstacles that will surely arise. You’ll usually have some homework to complete between sessions.

What's the cost?

In an effort towards financial accessibility for you and fiscal sustainability for me, I offer:

3 packages of 10 sessions at $80/session

3 packages of 10 sessions at $60/session

3 packages of 10 sessions at $40/session

The packages are sold in a first-come, first-served way. When a particular tier is sold out, you can choose to either book at a higher tier, or sign up for the waitlist to be notified when a slot opens up. 

You determine which level you pay at. (Some guidelines to help you determine where you should pay can be found here.)

Your package must be used up in four months time. Payment plans are available! 

(I’ve written extensively about financial accessibility. Read more here.)

What do other people say?

Bear is loving, patient, honest and pushes in all the best ways. I felt like Bear was there for me the whole time as I worked through some personal demons to uncover what I really want and what I need to do to move forward. I'm on a more productive, energized, and excited part of my journey. I can't wait to see where all of this takes me. 

--Angharad Hollingworth, doula


The most useful part of working with Bear was the tools - both the tangible and the philosophical ones. Their utility in getting stuff done (though significant) seems secondary to their use as things I can do that actually make myself feel better.  They also can be a less stressful way of actually looking at how accountable I am to myself, both in "being productive" but also in doing the things that would qualify as loving myself.

--Cory Ashby, farmer


Bear is very nurturing and encouraging.  She really cares and listens and does her best to offer guidance that will bring optimal benefit to her clients.  I was way more on my game when I had someone keeping me accountable for the work I wanted to do! Since working with Bear, I have felt more motivated to take charge of my own life.

--free feral, musician


I'm sure it was a combination of factors, but things literally starting to fall into place/improve after our FIRST session. I now have a roadmap towards working on my priorities, and super helpful advice to guide me.

--Miriam Belblidia, artist + water management activist


Before our work I felt frazzled and unproductive. I didn't know how to use my time in a way that felt satisfying. While we were working together I felt super empowered and really impressed with how quickly I saw results, and that has stayed with me. Bear really helped me change my life.

--Lark Grey, holistic nutritionist

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What else?

What's Next? 

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