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Briefly: Get Shit Done is a five week productivity course for weirdos like you, taught by me, Bear Hebert.

We meet in person in New Orleans. Info on the virtual version of the course (available anywhere in the world!!) is over here.

Classes are held on Sundays from 1-4:00 pm Central Time. The course runs February 25-March 25. 

The cost is $300. (Payment plans and sliding scale are available.)

Wanna cut to the chase? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign up now!

What is it?

Get Shit Done is a five week course that teaches productivity skills for weirdos. This is not another listicle of productivity hacks or a corporate efficiency bootcamp. This is real-life strategy for how to get clear, take action and Get Shit Done.

Who is it for?

For the holy weirdos and the blessed freaks. For the overworked healers. For the burned out activists. For the scattered artists. For the harried creatives.

For anyone trying to divest from the cult of busy without divesting from your dreams.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn how to:

  • organize your time efficiently without turning into a robot

  • get explicitly clear about what you want to do

  • clarify WHY you want it

  • break your goals down into manageable steps

  • plan how you’ll execute those steps in a timely fashion

  • overcome overwhelm when your To-Do List is a mile long

  • banish procrastination

  • stop your worst self-sabotaging habits

  • work softer, not harder

  • make time for the stuff that’s slightly “unnecessary” but utterly important for your soul and your sanity.

You’ll learn a clear, replicable strategy you can apply to all your goals/projects/dreams in the future. At the end of five weeks, you’ll leave with a concrete plan for how to move forward and Get Shit Done.

What kind of Shit will it help me Get Done?

All kinds of things, including but not limited to:

The art project you work on in your “spare time”, that collaboration you’ve conversed about over drinks, the back-burner book you write in the shower one paragraph at a time, the songs you compose on your bike, and/or the epic trip you fantasize about when you’re procrastinating.

It might also help with the new business venture you want to start, the five years worth of taxes you need to file, the organization you’re talking about founding with your BFF, and/or the meditation practice you’re going to start (tomorrow). 

Why do I need to know how to Get Shit Done?

I think you know the answer to this already but...

Because you make time for the stuff that’s necessary (because capitalism) but struggle to make time for the stuff that’s unnecessary but utterly important for your soul and your sanity.

Because you have ideas for really cool shit that the world needs.

Because you struggle to actually do said cool shit.

Because so much of your time gets eaten up working for money.

Because it takes skills to have time for anything else.

Because not Getting Shit Done plunges you into a pit of existential dread.

Because spending one more day not doing the shit you really want to do might kill you.

Because while your worth is not your work, doing your soul work is radical and utterly necessary for you and for the world. 

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Tell me about the logistics.

Get Shit Done meets weekly on Sundays from 1-4:00pm Central Time. The course runs February 25-March 25. 

We meet in person in New Orleans at Yoga Bywater. Info on the virtual version of the course (available anywhere in the world!!) is over here.

It costs $300. Payment plans are wildly available, and a few sliding scale spots are open for folks who hold intersecting marginalized identities. Inquire for details!

What do other people say about working with you?

My biggest insight from Get Shit Done is that organizational tools and structure are extraordinarily helpful for me. I have resisted systems, structure, and routine for so long only to realize that I actually function as a much healthier, present and at peace version of myself when I utilize structures - especially when I am a participant in their creation. --Sarah Hollows, artist

Get Shit Done was so well organized and clear cut! There was space for feelings and time for logistical mapping, and both helped me tremendously. --Meghan Johnson, massage therapist

Since the course's end, I have readily applied the majority of the concepts and tools. Their positive impact has been substantial. I find myself returning over and over again to the first day's discussion of "productivity." Productivity is not shoving more things in your calendar. Nope. I am eternally grateful to have Bear's re-conceptualized definition: "productivity" means living a balanced life. --Julia Evans, filmmaker

Get Shit Done really helped me to come to terms with the fact that my future is now, and that all of the things that I want to happen "some day" need to be allowed to take up space in the current moment. I'm thru-hiking the entire Appalachian Trail this summer/fall, because I've always wanted to, and if not now, when? --Lauren Valla McAvoy, sculptor

Space is limited to 15 participants, and it sold out last time I offered it. Don't dawdle!

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Registration closes February 22! 

Early bird bonus: 

Sign up by February 8 for a free one-hour coaching call during the course to help you troubleshoot and stay on track. Just me and you! 

Don't live in New Orleans but want to participate? Info on the virtual version of the course (available anywhere in the world!!) is over here.

Have more questions? Need more info? Just want to talk about if this is the right thing for you?

Send me an email at hello@bearteachesyoga.org and we can work it all out! 

THE FINE PRINT:  If you cancel your registration before  Feb 11, a full refund minus a $25 admin fee will be refunded. Cancellations after Feb 11 will only be refunded if your place is filled. Once the course begins, there are no refunds or credits for any reason, so make sure you're for real!