There's no guidebook on How To Be A Good Guy. 


In a culture that positions (rich, straight, white) men at the top of, well, everything, and women (and everyone else) beneath them, can we expect for our dating habits to be any other way?

If even our intimacy isn't immune to the effects of patriarchy, what would it take to create more equitable relationships? 

What does a feminist relationship look like? Or at least, a non-hierarchical one? Is that even possible in the current culture?

Relationship Coaching for Feminist Men helps you explore these questions in your own dating life.  

We'll delve into your dating habits, your mating habits, and all the other things you know you want to get better at but haven't quite figured out.

Your love life didn't come with a how-to manual. 

I'm here to help you write your own. 


Gentlemen. Nice guys. Decent fellas. Dudes who want to be better, do better. Men who know you have some growing to do in the dating department. Men who are trying not to be fuckbois. Men who aren't freaked out by all the flowers on this page. Men who want to unlearn this shit, because it's getting in the way of having the dates, relationships and sex you want. ((Not just for cisgender men. Transmen and AMAB non-binary/genderqueer folks welcome!))


We talk on the phone or over video chat (Zoom) for an hour at a time. Calls are once a week for the first month, then every other week for additional months. You'll have homework. Plan to spend at least an hour outside of call time working on these issues, though you'll likely be thinking about them all the time!


$100/session with a 4 session minimum to begin. Payment plans available. 10 percent of proceeds go to support women-led organizations fighting patriarchy everyday. 


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