If you've never had a private yoga class, it is an amazingly effective way to gain clarity about your body and your practice. Individual yoga classes are great for folks with injuries, people beginning or re-starting a yoga practice, and those looking to deepen their insight into the practice quickly.  Sessions are 60 minutes and can happen at your home or office.


You'll see the best results practicing consistently over time, preferably with at least three sessions together. This gives me the ability to truly understand your body and your needs, and gives you time to integrate the work we've done.  We'll make a standing weekly appointment that works with your schedule. 

Starter Yogi

3 sessions // $250

  • 3 classes tailored to your body and your needs


Sincere Yogi

6 sessions // $450

  • 6 classes tailored to your body and your needs,
  • plus a written sequence for you to work with on your own


Serious Yogi

12 sessions // $800

  • 12 classes tailored to your body and your needs,
  • a written sequence for you to work with on your own,
  • plus an audio recording of the written sequence

The Fine Print

Don't have a space at home to practice in?  We can meet at Yoga Bywater for an additional charge--please inquire for studio availability. 

Prices listed are for individual private yoga sessions. I also teach small group classes for up to six people. Contact me to dream up the perfect offering for your group! Great for couples, offices, wedding parties and more. 

Not sure about how many sessions to book? You can book a single session for $90! If you decide to book a package, you can apply that payment to your package (ie, if you decide to book a six session package, you'll owe $360 and have five sessions left).

As always, payment plans are available and no one is turned away for lack of funds. If you are sincerely interested, I am committed to not letting money be the barrier to your practice. Email me for details. 

I welcome all shapes and shades in my classes and coaching. I strive to create spaces of belonging for people who fall outside the "skinny bendy white lady" yoga norm, including folks in larger bodies, people of color, queer and trans folks, and differently abled people. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Have questions or concerns not addressed here? Contact me at hello@bearteachesyoga.org for more information. 

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