Resilient Resistance: Self-Care for Troubled Times

Many of us are feeling anxious, depressed and depleted by the constant onslaught of injustices facing our communities every day. Some of us may even be to the point of burning out from the ceaseless work we do to push back against them. It. doesn’t. have. to. be. this. way. Resilient Resistance: Self-Care for Troubled Times offers us practical tools to care for ourselves with the support of yoga and herbs so that we can be well enough to fight the system head on.

Creating a more just and beautiful world requires that all of us stay engaged for the long haul, so Jen Stovall and Bear Hebert are sharing strategies for doing justice work without burning out or giving up. Jen brings her vast knowledge of herbs, nutrition and lifestyle, while Bear offers movement practices and breath work to calm us down, open us up, and nurture us fully.

We’re building our capacity to incapacitate the system.


Saturday, March 18, 6-9pm + Sunday, March 19, 1-4pm

The evening session focuses on calming anxiety and insomnia through restoration and stillness, while the daytime session is centered around dealing with depression, grief, and depletion and is more uplifting and energizing.


Yoga Bywater, 900 Louisa Street


Sliding scale $50-80

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As community based healers and practitioners, we respond to the clear needs of our community as they arise, and because of this, we want to make sure this workshop is financially accessible to all who need it. If these prices are a barrier to your participation, please drop us a line and we can make alternative arrangements.

We welcome all students regardless of race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, financial status, immigration status, size, ability, or any other marginalized identity.