I’ve had shoulder issues from an old injury for years, so I was looking for help addressing those problems. I’ve seen significant improvement in my shoulder pain since starting to regularly do the exercises you’ve shown me!

I’d highly recommend other folks work with you... You’re thoughtful, attentive, knowledgeable, and personable— and working with you really did help my shoulder.
— Tina Antolini
You are warm, welcoming, inclusive, wise, knowledgeable, patient and kind. You gave me space to “check in” before we began each session, which felt important to me.

I remember one time when you designed the whole hour, in the moment after seeing “where” I was mentally and emotionally, for me to be on the ground so I could feel held by the earth.

You are so in tune to who is in front of you and it is palpable and rare and beautiful. I’m grateful to have gotten that 1:1 attention.
— Glynis Rumsey
My experience [working with Bear for private yoga sessions] went above and beyond my expectations. I am a person who is generally not exactly pysched to talk about my body with strangers, but I felt very comfortable. Whether asking about my preferred gender pronouns or to look at my MRI I felt Bear was genuinely concerned with my well-being.

Now I am adjusting the way I stand throughout the day every day and feel more empowered to prevent future pain by strengthening my body. I feel like this was one of the most positive encounters I’ve ever had seeking healthcare/physical help.
— Mara Lazer
Bear is an amazing yoga teacher and general life guide. Her private yoga lessons integrate elements of mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health into the practice and have always left me feeling stronger and more at peace afterward.

I had never done private yoga lessons before, but I’m glad I did! I didn’t realize how much benefit I would get from it.
— Claire Bangser
Bear is a wonderfully attentive and intentional yoga instructor. Working with them privately is a great opportunity to address your body’s needs and adapt your poses to better serve your aspirations.
— Casey Coren