When I sat down this summer to do my quarterly intention setting, I took stock of the first half of 2015, and there was something new and exciting on my list--life coaching. In some ways, it was an accident that I became a life coach, and in others, it seems meticulously planned. Everything in my life up til now feels like it’s been pointing me in this direction. For years I kidded that I wanted to be a life coach--because that’s what it seemed like, a joke, because who needs to be coached about life?? Shouldn’t we just know how to do that inherently? But the truth is, most of us need some support. Wouldn’t you do so much better with a weekly pep talk, with accountability to someone besides your cat? And the other truth is, I was already coaching many people, from my yoga students, to my friends, to my mom. I just wasn’t calling it that. I was calling it “being a good listener”, or “ giving good advice”, or “helping people to see what they already know.”

So now I’ve gone pro, so to speak. The work I’ve done with my coaching clients over the past six months has been some of the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done. Last week on a Skype call with a client we were worked on a self-limiting belief exercise. The exercise (aka how to stop listening to your invisible inner terrible someone) asks you to list out all the shit you tell yourself that keeps you from being the brilliant, spectacular, shining being you actually are, and then turn all those terrible lies into something wonderful and TRUE. (For example: “I believe that an okay life is good enough” turns into “I believe I’m worthy of the best life possible, and that that life is within reach.”) It feels really gross to say the terrible things out loud to someone, but it feels amazing to speak the true ones. As I read back to my client her truth, technology refused to cooperate and the video kept going out, so I couldn’t tell how she was reacting. She reassured me, “I’m smiling so big right now!” And I was too.

I know you have that tiny fire inside that burns for a larger life. You crave real-life tools for undoing the lies you tell yourself, and accountability around your own self- sabotaging behaviors. I know because I do too. Heartspark is a way to experience coaching work on a small scale, in a concentrated dose, to help you get out of your own way and live the best life possible. That life is within reach.

Much love,