I kept a beautiful plot in a community garden some years ago. I loved that space. It felt golden and secluded at the end of a dead-end street in a quiet neighborhood. There were vegetables and citrus and sometimes flowers. I felt at home there.


And then I got busy. I signed on to art projects. I found a second job. It was out of my way to go to the garden: I had to make a special trip. Days went by, then weeks.



Eventually I quit going altogether. I just gave up. I felt embarrassed, lazy, and defeated.



Does this sound familiar? This happens to SO MANY yoga students. You get excited for a little bit, enticed by the poses, the rigors of the process, the changes you can see happening in body and mind. You attend classes weekly for six months, maybe a year or more.


And then, life happens. A new relationship, a new job, a new neighborhood. Something shifts and suddenly it feels impossible to make it to class. The practice of showing up is the simplest undertaking and also the most difficult.



LEAPS+BOUNDS helps to stave off this inadvertent neglect. When you sign up in advance and pay your hard-earned money up front, you make a commitment to me and to yourself. You say, I’m going to show up, even when it’s inconvenient and tiring and I’d rather go home and drink wine in a mason jar and watch Mozart in the Jungle on my laptop. (Maybe that’s just me?)



There are a few spots left for LEAPS+BOUNDS: Bird of Paradise. You don’t have to be strong, flexible or fancy. You only have to be committed and consistent.



Classes begin this Monday, and I’d love to have you there. Click here to register:



Much love,



P.S. Not sure if you’re a good fit for LEAPS+BOUNDS? Send me an email at with your questions or concerns and we’ll suss it out together.