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Love letter for those who despair // Love letter to myself

The world is not so bleak as it seems. There are moments of beauty, absurdity and humor every day if you seek them. Sometimes a sunset can break your heart. 

A cat crossing the road that stops to look you in the eye. A baby in a buggy who you hear laughing though you never see his face. A bunny that lives in the worn patch of grass adjacent to your favorite coffee shop. Those stupid beautiful neighborhood roosters who crow at two in the afternoon. 

The universe is striving towards benevolence. We are pushing her in that direction. When grief piles up around you or your heart is clogged with anger, stand outside under a wide sky. Find the horizon and meet its gaze. This sounds corny but do it anyway: find the biggest tree you can and sit with your back against it. 

When it seems that your heart cannot withstand another moment of pain, remember that the pain was never yours to begin with. Make your hurt permeable. Same with your fear. Open up your edges to every other sad sweet soul who walks the earth. There are so many of us. We mustn't bear this weight alone. Remember that others carry your same sadness and watch it become lighter. 

Could it be a blessing that you live close to the edge of despair? Many others lack the fortitude to feel deeply as you do. Consider the possibility that your empathy is a strategy of the Universe to increase the world's capacity for joy. Could your pain too be Divine? 

Stand solidly. Feel how your edges are not edges at all but watery marks filled with color. Your heart keeps beating. You keep breathing whether you mean to or not. Let your breath pour in and flow out. Don't interrupt God while she's working.

Much love, 


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