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Most of us have figured out that the path laid out for us by the world doesn’t fit. In some way or another, we are too wide or wild or weird to walk that narrow way.

For some of us we’ve known it since childhood, sitting in our desks in a fluorescent lit classroom while a perfect blue sky smiles from outside the classroom window.

Maybe you learned to hate school. Maybe you figured out that the educational system was training you to be obedient rather than intelligent.

For some of us it took longer. We walked down the predetermined path, sought after the predetermined goals. We maybe even achieved them. But at some point along the way, we thought, “Is this all there is?”

Regardless of when it happened, what’s important is that it did. At some point, you looked around, were dissatisfied, and you walked off the path.

Congratulations! You figured out correctly that the main path, the path of nine-to-five jobs, spouse and 2.5 kids, the white picket fence path, THAT path was not for you.

(To be clear, this isn’t a dig at traditional lifestyles IF that’s what really works for you. It’s a dig at the systems that set us up to feel like failures, degenerates and perverts should we deviate from that.)

And it might've felt like liberation for awhile. It felt like freedom.

But then bewilderment set in. You started to confused the prescribed path with all paths. You thought, well THAT path wasn’t for me, so there is no path for me.

You’re so triggered by the pain of not fitting on the main path that ALL PATHS seem intolerable.

All systems remind you of the drudgery of the system that held you down.

All obligations feel like the confinement of obligations you don’t care about at all.

All containers feel like those small boxes that couldn’t contain your effulgent brilliance.

And what happened next? Well, if you’re like most of us path-leavers, you’ve been winging it ever since. You flail around, sending your energy spinning in the direction of whatever strikes your fancy. Occasionally you end up somewhere awesome, but it seems more like dumb luck than any kind of intentionality.

You had dreams of what your life could be like beyond the path, but now it feels like you’re just wandering aimlessly in the woods. You see pretty things out there, and it’s definitely not stressful the way being on the path was.

But are you actually getting anywhere?

It doesn’t have to be this way. I want to tell you:

There are systems that don’t suck the life out of you.

There are containers with soft edges that cuddle rather than confine.

There are other paths, paths that are not a straight line forward but that twist and wind and double back on themselves.

And what happens when we start down these other paths is that we are able to actually show up and do our work in the world. We have systems that keep us attentive to our art making. We have containers that hold the depth and breadth of our healing work. We walk new paths that take us to unexpected places, paths that lead us into worlds we have not yet imagined.  

And it’s in these other worlds, on these other paths, that meaning is made. Meaning is not the opposite of banality. The opposite of banality is simply non-banality. But to find meaning, to find transcendence, you have to pick a direction and start walking.

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