When I first started practicing yoga, I was a stranger in my own skin. Never an athlete, my body was a mystery to me. Ever a bookworm, my body had been rendered irrelevant by my mind.


Yoga taught me that my body was a place to be myself, to feel at home. Yoga said my body was powerful, strong, something not to be ashamed of but to be celebrated.


Over the past ten years of yoga practice, my body has become an atlas for self-exploration, and I’ve searched for landmarks in the territory of my anatomy. I learned the basics first: femur, hamstrings, biceps, then the more complex layers: psoas, scalenes, latissimus dorsi.


This was practical for keeping up in a yoga class, and for treating my own injuries, but there is a deeper benefit. The more my anatomical knowledge has grown, the more present I have become in my body, minute to minute, on and off the yoga mat.


Anatomy enables us to see, feel, and name our body parts and all their relevant actions, and through that knowledge, we’re less often held hostage by the mind. Yoga anatomy offers a way to care for yourself, just by being more fully in your body.


Registration closes March 25th for Anatomy as Self-Care, and spots are filling quickly! Click below to for more information!  



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