Last week I talked about what I think the point of yoga is, so this week in class you’ve talked about what you think the point is!


You all had so many honest and insightful thoughts that you offered up, and I’m so grateful for them. Here’s some paraphrasings of what we heard from y’all in class this week.


Yoga makes me more patient.


Yoga brings me peace.


Yoga makes my body feel healthy, and my mind too!


Yoga helps me get out of my own way.


Yoga makes me feel strong.


Yoga metabolizes suffering.


Yoga connects me to myself and to the other people in my life.


If you didn’t speak up in class this week (or you weren’t there) I’d still love to hear from you! Comment on this post to tell me: Why do you practice? What’s the point of yoga for you?


Much love,